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Kool and the crew is here to take care of all your branded promotional merchandise and school supply needs. Our ability to deliver products made exactly as per our customer’s requirement, at affordable prices and in a sustainable manner is what sets up apart and helps us leave a lasting impression on our customers.

You can leave a lasting impression on your customers using our merchandise. Whether your customers are parents looking for school supplies or millennials looking for the next cool gadget. Catch the attention of your customers and leave a lasting impression with products that are customized to meet their exact needs. We help you grow by providing you with products that conveys how well you understand your audience.

Launch your Brand with Our Promotional Merchandise

Buy School Uniform Online

There is nothing like branded promotional products that helps you connect with your customers and create a brand name. Whether it’s branded tees for your employees and customers, fan merchandise for sports enthusiasts or innovative products to get your brand out there- Kool and the Crew has it all. Our branded high-quality products are custom made to meet your exact requirements. They are very reasonably priced, and you can get them all online from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to order in bulk or piece by piece, our online shop can deliver products in any quantity.

We truly believe in delivering value and most of our customers keep coming back to us for more. Our ability to understand your branded promotional product requirement is what makes us such preferred partners for all your promotional merchandise needs.

When deciding what kind of promotional merchandise to use for your brand promotion, consider your audience and their needs. If you are a cyber security company- a webcam cover works. Tees and pens are all time winners as they can always be used by the customers. So, does apparels, bags, confectionery, drinkware, giftware and lifestyle products. If you are a tech company owner, promotional merchandise such as headwear and mobile technology works well.

The most important point to note here is understanding your customer’s needs. Promotional merchandise should be delight factor that’s high on utility as well. No use spending money on fliers and pamphlets- you know where they end up. Instead show that you care, leave a lasting impression and make them curious enough to come back for more- all through well thought out, high quality branded promotional merchandise that sets you apart from your competition. Kool and the Crew is there to help you every step of the way.

Looking for Custom Sportswear in Australia? Well Look No Further

Finding sportswear that fits you perfectly is a tough task. If you are looking for Sports Clothing Online in Australia, you may find yourself in a state of despair. But it’s not for the lack of options. With so many choices, how to decide which is the right one. Well a few pointers to consider is- quality, price, fit and brand name. With Kool and the crew all your sportswear needs can be taken care of in one single place. Whether you are looking for custom sports uniform or wholesale school uniform- Kool and the Crew has it all.

Quit Worrying About School Supplies- We Got That Covered

Shopping for school supplies can become a hassle if you don’t know where to buy them from. Kool and the Crew offers parents the opportunity to shop directly from your school uniform supplier- that’s us! Kids grow so fast and it’s difficult to find school uniforms that fit in the quality that you want. Having an option to buy quality school merchandise, custom made to meet your exact requirement, that can be purchased online from anywhere in the world, and at affordable prices is a dream come true for most parents.  No need to fit your kids in ill-fitting clothes that are either too big or too small just because the right size was out of stock. No fussing over dirty uniforms just because you don’t have a spare. Buy in bulk- whether its custom sport uniforms or custom school wear- Kool and the crew has got you covered for all your school supplies.

When you want to buy school uniforms online, it’s important to assess your options wisely and look for online vendors that can make custom uniforms that meet your exact schoolwear requirements. Be sure to buy quality products and follow the garment guide that the vendor provides. Custom Sport Uniforms from Kool and the Crew and made in accordance with school guidelines and come in all sizes to meet every child’s uniform needs. School wear from Kool and the Crew can be purchased in bulk as well. We sell wholesale school uniform for schools from where parents can shop directly.

Your Merchandise Worries are Ours Now

Buy school uniform online

No need to worry about the school uniforms being out of stock. Kool and the Crew has you covered for all your school wear. Our reasonable prices and high-quality merchandise has made us a preferred partner for most parents shopping for back to school supplies.

Schools can allow parents to buy school uniforms online by partnering with us. We create branded school uniforms custom made as per the school uniform guidelines in all sizes. Our high-quality school supplies come with detailed garment guide to help you maintain the uniform in the best possible manner. Order in bulk to save up on cost and do it from the comfort of your house anytime. Kool and the crew can deliver your products anywhere in the world in no time. If you find yourself out of school supplies and need them replenished immediately-we are there for you.

Make the right choices when buying online. We hope that you think of Kool and the Crew when looking for branded promotional merchandise, custom school wear or sportswear.