school uniforms

Kool and the Crew has quietly built a reputation in Australasia for designing school apparel that cares for your child’s utmost well-being – clothing them in confidence and pride, looking sharp and smart without compromising on comfort and cost. We have been proudly servicing over 50 institutions in the last 10 years.

Kool and the Crew is a designer, manufacturer and online supplier of quality school uniforms, sportswear and branded promotional products.

We pride ourselves in clothing each precious individual with a rich tapestry of values similar to those instilled by a doting parent or a strong educator – kindness, courage, integrity, responsibility and respect. As parents, we care as deeply about a child’s moral fibre as the dexterity of a textile fibre. We feel as strongly about all-rounded curricula and advanced learning resources as much as using fair trade fabrics and biodegradable packaging. It is this caring approach that has aided the establishment of an outstanding quality control process, this process is one which applies to our own manufacturing as well as our trusted third-party suppliers.

Kool and the Crew offers branded and unbranded school uniforms that are priced competitively and cater to every budget. Our unbranded school uniform essentials range has been carefully curated to offer parents an affordable alternative for their staple school uniform needs. Parents can now buy school uniforms online!



The Kool and the Crew design and sales team can service schools directly in reproducing or re-designing their current school uniform catalogue.

We offer an extensive school uniform and accessory range direct to schools at competitive prices, providing affordable school uniforms for parents and a valued asset for schools. Our branded school uniform range caters to primary, secondary and grammar schools as well as sporting clubs and speciality uniforms.

Our service goes far beyond providing school uniforms. Kool and the Crew offers schools a full-service operation from designing, logo embroidery and printing, supply, distribution, inventory management, sales reporting and a cost saving online school shop. 



Kool and the Crew offers an online school uniform shop for each school. This allows parents to conveniently and securely buy school uniforms online with deliveries made directly to their home or school.


The global trend of online retail and tech-driven brick-and-mortar shopping has invariably served Kool and the Crew progressive approach well. Our robust online service can offer parents, customers a one-stop, full service portal for order, payment and delivery efficiencies, passing on direct savings to parents and Schools.



Kool and the Crew is proudly Australian owned and managed by school parents!

With a solid manufacturing foundation in Asia, our suppliers spearhead a worldwide network of apparel and merchandise retail and distribution from its 15-strong headquarters in Australia.


Kool and the Crew is committed to ethical and environmental sustainable manufacturing. This extends to our sourcing methods for branded promotional products and merchandise to school uniform accessories.


Our selected uniform manufacturers proudly operate under the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Product (WRAP) certification. The WRAP certification is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. The factory is certified as complying with ethical manufacturing practices and is subject to an annual audit. This is commonly referred to as a WRAP certification and is adopted by all reputable manufacturers.

Here at Kool and the Crew we understand your school uniform needs.

Our dedicated sales team can assist with providing samples and matching your current school uniforms, or work with our design team and customise your uniform that best suits your needs.



Kool and the Crew is a leader in manufacturing and sourcing apparel and accessories for our clients. It has been a natural step for us to offer our branding services to produce quality promotional products and merchandise.

Kool and the Crew currently supplies branded products for clientele in Australia and internationally.

Our team can assist with designing and sourcing branded promotional products and merchandise with flexible minimum quantities.

Our embroidery, screen and digital printing services are also available to personalise each product and let your brand stand out from the crowd.