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In this fast-moving world, we often forget to pay attention to things that matter the most. In our race to buy products at cheapest available price, we overlook things like sustainability and quality in the products that we buy.

Environment Sustainability Matters

Environmental sustainability matter. A company that sources its products or raw materials ethically, implements sustainable manufacturing practices, uses biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging materials and practices sustainable waste management is more reliable and trustworthy than a company that does not care about how big its carbon footprint is. At Kool and the Crew we show that we care by ensuring that we minimize our environmental impact as much as we can.

When it comes to packaging, there are many options to choose from. Most of us don’t pay attention to the packaging that our products come in. However most of the big brands in the clothing, apparel and product retail business these days are onboarding the green wagon by following good manufacturing practices, ethical sourcing and biodegradable packaging material. They are leading the way in setting a trend that is hopefully going to be for the betterment of the environment and everyone living in it.

Being Sustainable is not Expensive!

Its interesting to note is that there’s not much difference in the cost of packaging when you compare biodegradable with non-biodegradable. Companies that do not use biodegradable or recyclable packaging material are not constrained by its cost but merely their disregard for the horrible impact that non-biodegradable packaging have on the environment.

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At Kool and the Crew, we believe in delivering quality in an environment friendly manner. This is why we use only 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging material. Our effort to promote environmental sustainability guides our entire business model right from manufacturing till waste management. All Kool and the Crew merchandise is manufactured in a sustainable manner. We have implemented sustainably manufacturing practices and waste management programs to ensure that we minimize our environmental impact.

The USP of our merchandise and our company lies in the fundamental values that we hold above everything else- and that is environmental sustainability. We feel that by using 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging material, we truly make a difference and set an example that others can follow.

Recyclable Packaging is more Appealing

As a customer you can always choose to buy products that are packaged in recyclable material. It is not only a good practice but the feel-good factor that it provides is just so much more appealing.

At Kool and the Crew, we have implemented sustainably manufacturing practices and waste management programs ensuring we minimize our environmental impact. Each of our uniforms are carefully shipped in recyclable materials and 100% Biodegradable packaging.

Customers care about sustainability

More and more customers prefer products that are delivered in recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. Parents, schools and businesses that we cater to really appreciate our packaging and admire the fact that they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

If you are shopping for Sports Clothing Online in Australia and want to buy products that are environment friendly- Kool and the Crew is the place to shop.

What makes us stand out and leave a lasting impression is the quality of products that we deliver, the range of promotional branded products that we cover and our ethical and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and packaging practices.

Parents that buy School Uniform Online, are always looking for an e-retail site that cares about environmental sustainability. Our custom uniforms and sportswear are delivered with love to our customers in recyclable packaging that is safe to handle and do not present any choking hazard.

Schools care about sustainability

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Schools want to instill good values in the students that study there. One of the most important values that schools want their students to care about is environmental sustainability. One of the biggest reasons why schools love to partner with us to provide them with Wholesale School Uniforms is because our company lives by these values. We value customer satisfaction greatly and our customers are always delighted by the products that we provide. It’s mostly because of the core values centered around good manufacturing practices, ethical sourcing and recyclable packaging that Kool and the Crew holds so dear.

Time to Embrace Sustainability

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More and more companies are shifting to eco friendly and environmentally sustainable packaging. It sets a good example and sends an important message regarding going green and how that’s is the only way to save the earth and contribute towards a better and cleaner future. Global research shows that  70% (2/3rd) of customers are willing to pay more for environmentally sustainable products.  91% of customers in the world’s biggest economies expect businesses to act responsibly and go embrace sustainability. Customers these days are demanding sustainability from the companies they trust with their business.

Businesses care about sustainability

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Businesses these days want to portray that they care about more than just profits. What better way to send across this message than distributing branded promotional merchandise in recyclable and environment friendly packaging! It improves the image of the company in the eye of their audience and potential customers. It also positions them as accompany that is reliable and trustworthy.

Kool and the Crew creates customized branded promotional merchandise that can be used to create a strong brand name and attract a loyal customer base.

If you are looking for Branded Promotional Products or Promotional Merchandise in Australia for your company, Kool and the Crew is the right place to start.

It is not easy to take a stand to be an environment friendly company that cares about sustainability as much as it cares about its customers. We are proud to say that we have stood the test of time and established a business that greatly values ethical and green manufacturing, sourcing, packaging and waste disposal practices. If you are looking for eco friendly alternatives for your promotional products or school uniforms, Kool and the Crew is the place to shop.