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It’s that time of the year to start prepping the kids and start your Back to School shopping.

As parents, we understand this can be a busy and overwhelming task. So, Kool and the Crew has put together a list of our top tips to saving parents time and money for your Back to School Shopping.


Remember kids grow fast! No matter what fashion trends are in or out, our kids will still be in their school uniforms all year long.

Don’t be afraid to size up or purchase different sizing depending on the garment. The sizing guide is a helpful tool to assess how many sizes you may like to size up. 

We recommend sizing up for t-shirts, jumpers and jackets and sticking to your regular sizing for shorts and pants.


Create a list of your ‘must have’ uniform essentials, are these branded or unbranded? For all of your unbranded uniform garments look for alternatives. Buy school uniforms online and always consider price and quality.

Kool and the Crew offers an online school shop selling direct to parents. Our unbranded school wear and sportswear range covers all of your basic uniform pieces from shorts, pants and shirts. As we offer a bulk range un-branded, our online school shop now allows parents to buy school uniforms direct from the school uniform supplier. Our garments are manufactured to the same high-quality standards and using the same fabrics as we would when providing wholesale school uniforms directly to a school shop.


It’s time to clear out your stationary cupboard!

School holidays is a great time of the year to pull out all of your art supplies and access the damage. If you’re like us, you’ll have stationary scattered around the house in different drawers and cupboards and may be surprised to find hidden stock. For every eraser, pencil and glue stick – that’s one less item to add to your ‘Back to School’ shopping list.

This can also apply to clothing, purchase your school uniforms that you know will last the distance. Don’t forget to check your kids cupboard for uniform shorts and pants that can be handed down and recycled. Kool and the Crew strives to supply school wear and sport uniforms that are quality tested to withstand our kids’ active lifestyles and go the distance.


To further our tips on purchasing school wear that goes the distance, we recommend always consulting the garment guide and tag when caring for your uniforms.

Kool and the Crew conducts strict quality and fabric testing to ensure each uniform is fit-for-purpose and can not only withstand constant movement but will also be long lasting. We recommend always washing and caring for your garments according to the individual care instructions provided on the uniform tag and garment guide.


Save on shipping and share the costs by buying in bulk. Get out your phone tree, start a whatsapp group or simply yell your shopping list from the rooftop. You’ll find your Back to School shopping essentials are starting to look very familiar.

The Kool and the Crew online uniform shop offers Australia Post flat rate shipping storewide. Take advantage and split the shipping costs with other school parents and simply order once, then distribute uniforms over a coffee or on a playdate.

This does not only apply to uniforms, start to pool your stationary and school label lists together as well. Spread the word and save on shipping together!


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The ‘Back to School’ shop can often come so quickly we find that we’ve missed it. Our final tip is to ‘become brand loyal’. Find a uniform specialist that best suits your needs all year round.

Kool and the Crew offers ‘back to school’ uniforms in all sizes all year, we don’t simply stock for one sales period but are here when you find your kids have had a sudden growth spurt or winter comes early and you need a pair of school pants quick!

Don’t be afraid to sign up to a newsletter, let the retailers tell you what promotions and stock they have to offer.

Good luck! We hope that Kool and the Crew has helped you with a few insider tips on how you can save time and money on your ‘Back to School’ shopping.

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