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When Kool and Crew came into the market around 10 years ago, we didn’t know it’ll expand into 50 institutions today. Online supplier, designer, and manufacturer Kool and Crew collaborated with Lilly Billy Australia which is a full-package clothing manufacturer and helps wholesale businesses supply high quality club, school, and uniforms – and since then, the journey for one of the most iconic uniform suppliers in the world began.

While Kool and Crew follows principles including courage, respect, integrity, and respect, Lilly Billy backs up these beliefs by holding the Worldwide Responsibility Accredited Production (WRAP) certification – which is the largest factory-based independent social compliance certification body designed for sewn products sector. What’s more? Lilly Billy also adds a swing tag to clothes promoting ethical and authentic manufacturing assurance.

The teams work in conjunction with each other to deliver what’s best for parents and students. At the point when your main goal is to be better, quicker and more astute, you need the best individuals driving your vision forward. And when it comes to the right uniform, it’s not only the fabric or quality involved, it’s a lot more. To understand the ideology of any brand, it’s very important to look at the employees. Because it’s only the team that makes up brands and any story that’s close to employees delivers ‘only the best’. For this, every client needs individuals who can showcase techniques lined up with business objectives, who can mix their imagination into reality, and who can break insights into customer value –and this is exactly what the teams do both at Kool and Crew and Lilly Billy.

About Kool and Crew –

Kool and the Crew has built a reputation in Australia for delivering best school uniforms fabricated with love because it knows that uniform is your kid’s pride. The teams are divided into design, manufacturing and sales to look after various divisions. The team believes in making your kid look sharp and savvy without settling on cost.

Kool and the Crew is a fashioner, maker and online provider of school regalia, sportswear and marked special items. Every parent care profoundly about the kids attire as the skill of a material fibre. Kool and Crew feels unequivocally the same about all-encompassing educational programs and propelled learning assets as much as leveraging reasonable exchange textures and biodegradable bundling.

Kool and the Crew offers marked and unbranded school uniform that are evaluated carefully to fit every budget because uniforms are not a way to do business, they are a way of life – this is what every employee at Kool and Crew believes.

The Kool and Crew plan and deal with schools in re-planning their present school uniform catalogue.  They offer a broad school uniform and frill range direct to schools at focused costs, giving moderate school garbs to guardians and an esteemed resource for schools. Our marked school uniform range takes into account essential, auxiliary and language schools just as brandishing clubs and claim to fame outfits.

Kool and the Crew offers an online school uniform shop for each school. This enables guardians to helpfully and safely purchase school uniforms online with delivery options made available to their home or school. The worldwide pattern of online retail and tech-driven physical shopping methodology has constantly served Kool and the Crew well.

The social media team has a strong online assistance that can offer parents and clients a one-stop, full help gateway for request, instalment and conveyance efficiencies, passing on direct investment funds to uniforms and Schools.

With a strong assembling establishment in Asia, our providers initiate an overall system of clothing and product retail and circulation from its office in Australia. Kool and the Crew is focused on moral and ecological practical assembling. This reaches out to sourcing techniques for marked limited time items and product to class uniform extras.

The committed teams can help with giving examples and coordinating your present school outfits, or work with the clients to tweak your uniform that best suit your needs. Kool and the Crew is an innovator in assembling and sourcing clothing and embellishments for customers.

Kool and the Crew as of now supplies marked items for customers based in Australia.  The weaving, screen and computerized printing administrations are additionally accessible to customize every item and let your image stand apart from the group.

The potential of Kool and Crew when coupled with the strength of Lilly Billy’s team helps in myriad ways –

Being a full-packaged garment distributor and supplier, Lilly Billy believes in integrity, and more than that, it abides by IFOTA which is ‘In Full On Time Always’.

In our duty to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, the makers gladly consider the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) confirmation. It is the world’s biggest autonomous industrial facility based social consistence confirmation program for the sewn items division. Pieces of clothing conveyed by Lilly Billy Australia incorporate a swing tag advancing ethical confirmation.

The teams when came together to create something that could perfectly be positioned in the market as the universe of authenticity and ever-changing trends of market, with an exceptional commitment to provide what’s best for the customers, Kool and the Crew and Lilly Billy are providing best in class services.

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